About Endorphasm

What IS Endorphasm?

The moment during physical exertion when you feel anything is possible.
When your music is loud and your pace quickens.
When every nerve is alive and your greatest passion is front and center,
strengthening your body and spirit.

Endorphasm poetically captures what so many of us have struggled to put into words.
Endorphasm transcends all sports and physical pursuits.
Endorphasm is a culture, a movement.
It’s what we are all after.

How powerful was your endorphasm?

The power of the feeling. The feeling of the power.

The Endorphasm

We weren’t wired this way by accident

There is a reason your mind reacts to it

The way it does

When you quicken your pace

It’s you against you in this race

And that’s the toughest battle there is

No winner

No loser

Only you in the mirror

You are judge, jury and executioner too

You’ll get support from your peers, but how do you judge you?

You focus on the gain and forget the pain

You are a not a slave to the game

You are the master

You drive your machine harder and faster

It’s an endorphin induced rapture

The midnight rider will not be captured

Because he fought

And did not embrace popular assumption

Bought into the idea that his best is under construction

And the desire in his soul burns as bright as the sun

So it will be done

As you imagined

When you walked in here in search of…

The endorphasm